Sunday, March 6, 2011


How many times do we read "use as intended" on labels? Do we often follow their advice or do we just wonder who figured out that hairspray and candles aren't soul mates, it seems their first date went down in "Flames"!! :)
How nice would it be if we came with that label? Directions for use, Warning labels, In case of emergency, Intended use, For Best Results.
I have learned over time that I was given a creative spirit. That is how I was knit together. I was give the ability to think and speak in a way that paints a picture of understanding. I see the extraordinary in the ordinary, my wish is that I can give others a different perspective on life. To bring a smile, an understanding, a thoughtfulness to life, to encourage others to choose Joy!
I believe that this is my "Intended Use", but I want to be more, I want to be "USED as intended"!  I want to live up to my full potential, I want be at full capacity!
 I pray that I will be used as intended, and that I will be blessed to be used in a context that allows me to use my gift of creativity, for it is in that way that I feel that I am a vessel for him.

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