Saturday, January 12, 2013

My word of the Year is......

Intentional... that is my word of the year. It is defined as "done on purpose or with intention" so this year I want live life intentionally.
  •  Intentional living
    • With food, exercise, what I watch, read, and say.
  • Intentional actions
    • Be aware of how my actions affect others. I want to be an encouragement.
  • Intentional parenting
    • To strive to make memories, and grow my children to know the love that surrounds them. To raise them to understand the abundance of their Father's Love for them. To make every moment count, because they go entirely to quickly.
  • Intentional marriage 
    • To be more aware of the different needs we have, and to make an effort to do those little things that represent respect and honor. God has blessed me with  a true man of honor, and I want my efforts to reflect my pride and respect I have for him.
  • Intentional relationships.
    • I want to be wise in where I spend my extra time, and with whom. I want to be kind in this act, but watchful of how I manage my environment.
Life can move so fast sometimes that we can swept away with it all, and in the past I have been known to say "I do lots of things, moderately well" well this year I want to do a few things exceptionally well.
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