Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In search of the GOOD rut...

We all have a normal, a groove that we work very hard to not get into, because we know once we do that  it is a heck of a thing to get out of it. Maybe it's getting out of routine with laundry, or maybe its eating that last piece of cake, or maybe its that one more drink. How do we reset our groove? How do we make it so that once we do the healthy thing for our bodies, bank account, relationships, that we have the same trouble getting out of that Good rut? I want that kind of rut, I want the Good rut. The one you Don't want to get out of because of all the benifits and Blessings that come with being in it.  I know it is obtainable because I know people who are like that! This is what I strive for, because once I can let go of my weight, my house, my bank account, and all the other things that keep me weighted in that rut, I am in a better position to find the Good Rut, the happy rut, the one that makes you sit at night and say "Today was ANOTHER good day"...So Im in the search for the GOOD RUT!

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