Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Forest???? All I can see is Trees!

In the midst of times of trial, I find that I quite often loose sight of the truth. I get so lost in the trees I forget that I am in the forest... I think it is safe to say that from time to time we all feel that way. We want to be in the forest, that is what we have desired...but once we get there walking through it all we can ask ourselves is "are we there yet?" or "I bet the view of the forest is  gorgeous , if only we could get rid of all these trees".
I have been walking through, it for a little bit, desperately wanting to become something...looking for the forest, that pivotal point that I say " I made it, I'm here" but I have learned a truth...I'm there, I made it! I am that person, even the people that we look up to or are inspired by, are striving... it is human nature. Accepting that make all the difference in the world! It is permission to revel in our progress, to enjoy who you are, not who you'd like to be! To say I HAVE ARRIVED, and the forest is beautiful!

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