Wednesday, April 15, 2015



I have never been good at decisons, Y's in the path, red or yellow, chocolate or vanailla. I always worry that the other direction, color, or flavor would be better. There have been 6 times in my life that I KNEW without a doubt that I was making the right decisions, one is when I married my husband, and the other is with each one of my 5 children.
The past few months have been a rough patch for me, I believe a huge part of that was falling victim to S.A.D (seasonal affected disorder). This was a very dark winter, and this SPRING/SUMMER girl found  the effects of lack of sun on a person can be a real reality, but with the seasons changing and it staying light longer, and being able to open the windows and smell the fresh air I have been renewed.
I have gone from hoping I'd get the house somewhat liveable to clean and organized, laundry is done, school is happening on a daily basis, things are getting back to normal and I love it. I am beginging to thrive again.
So what does this have to do with decisions? I have given an oppurtunity to serve God in this upcoming year, and I am so conflicted on making wise decisions. Things feel so good now at home, now that Mama gear is turning again in proper sync, that there is a huge part of me that doesn't want to disrupt it. Like getting reception on a tv...DONT MOVE, HOLD that postition. This is a humble oppurtunity, but will consist of a lot of work, or at least a lot of commitment.  I don't want to choose wrong for me or my family, but neither do I want to choose wrong for the work HE will do  in and through me. Prayer, prayer and more prayer then listening, listening and more listening that seems it is what is in order, I just wish sometimes he would pin a note to my shirt like they did in kindergarten. "To guardian of _____________, She is needed to say ____________ to the issue of ____________, in order for _____________ to occur. With Best Regard and LOTS of love, GOD"


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