Monday, November 29, 2010

Bargin hunting is for the birds....I am beginning to think

OK so I have decided to take the path of many friends and take a mosey down to the "Bargain Hunter's" subdivision. Where "Coupon Ln" and "Rebate Dr" meet "SwagBuck Ave".  WHOA it is quite the place! The Homeowner Association there is insane!

 I have managed to sit on my computer searching, looking, comparing, all afternoon and I am exhausted. My mind can't move that fast, or comprehend that much information being flung at it at those speeds. Take grocery shopping for example , in the past I have made a list of meals, made the grocery list of the needed supplies and gone to one store (typically the commissary) and bought the stuff on my list and TaaDaa I was done and on to the next task. However now that I have been turned onto the "joys" of saving I think I may be a borderline coupon addict. It isn't the "using" of the coupon that I'm caught on, it is the "hunt" for the coupon. To know there may be a coupon out there in cyberspace that will save me 55 beautiful cents on my canned veggies taunts me. The comparison of all the grocery ads, and the coupon policies of this store and that. Where is it cheaper, what's a better buy. Buy one get one FREE!!!!

    In spite of all the wonderful new found "Joys" I can't help but think that if the time that I would have spent just making my list and going to the Commissary could possibly be converted into coupons, rebates, and SwagBucks, would it equal out?

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