Monday, December 6, 2010

Less "Friendly Pat-Down" More "Strip and Search"~ Adjusting to my PCS

So in light of the recent news regarding TSA and their searching methods I thought this was a fitting summary of how I am adjusting to  this PCS (Permanent Change of Station). 
A friendly pat-down is uncomfortable, awkward, unsettling, but it is over fairly quickly. I mean you may have to put your shoes back on, straighten you clothes, but as a whole it is quick to recover from. We have PCS ed 4 times this far in our Army career, and for the first three they would fall into the "friendly pat-down" category. It was uncomfortable to not know how to get around post, it could be awkward trying to get a handle on the flow of the pick up lane at the kids school, even unsettling having to put on the "new kid in town" T-shirt and meet new people. However it was all over quickly, either because my level of investment was low so it was easy to meet the "new place information" quota, or because the puzzle pieces I came into contact with were precut to fit with me. Whatever the reasons, up to now I have been able to knock the new off pretty quickly.
 This move has been more of a "strip and search". Moving to a new post, new job, new lifestyle this time seems to feel more like my identity has been "striped" away and now I am desperately "searching" for it. Now let me add a disclaimer, as my identity as a mother, wife and Christian I am very secure in these and non of those relationships have faltered. This move however has really been a dozy on MY identity!
  I had never realized how much of your identity is made up of your surroundings. The people you know, the friends you make, the places you go, your church, your bible study groups. I think this has been especially true due to the level of my personal investment.
 I have been teased about being a "shiner", that is someone who needs shined every once in a while, and I AM one,  I do need to be shined every once in a while, but who doesn't want to have the rag of praise rubbed over our (at times)worn and weary spirts? I love to be shined so that the the light reflects brighter off of me! It is hard to be a beacon when your spirt is dull, and the affirmation you get from your peers, the validity that comes with being able to use your gifts for the blessings of others, the knowledge that you have individuals who truly know and love you regardless of your flaws help to make you shine. These are all gifts in themselves, and although you don't need marshmallows in your hot chocolate to make it enjoyable,  they sure do make it a little more delicious!
Now we have been here just a little under 5 months, household goods=check, identity=????  I think the shipment got lost so the search is on.

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  1. Love it! and copying part .... ;P You are so special and I miss you!