Thursday, December 16, 2010

Write Two Blogs and Call me in the Morning.....

For years there has been stock put into the value of recording your thoughts, although before the technology age it was referred to as "Journal" or "Keeping a Diary", but non the less it was encouraged, and mainly a "girlie" thing. I can remember one Christmas (actually many Christmas's) receiving a diary with a lock and key. Now days though we still have the same concept, it now had a different name of "blogging" , and as a newbie to the Blogging scene I can say the therapeutic qualities that it has are amazing. It is my outlet to share all those things that roll around up in my head that clutter up the space that is needed for something else. So in a sense blogging is a sort of mental garage sale.

In much the same way with material items, we do the same with our thoughts, we are pretty confident we will not need them again, but they're in good shape, and surely someone somewhere could get some use out of them. Good ideas, thought provoking ramblings, funny tidbits, craft ideas, noticed blessings.....the list could go on and on. The therapeutic qualities of going through your "attic" are immense! You can see where you have been, where you thought you were going, where you're really going, how strong you have become. We take the  things that we don't necessarily need to hang onto that are cluttering up our "attic" and we put them on the blog table in our drive way. We hope that someone will find "just what they are looking for" and put it to use. Whatever is leftover we just give to Goodwill, and we're left with a less cluttered "attic" ready to be filled with more stuff.  So if you are suffering from some mental indigestion I say ....Write Two Blogs and Call me in the Morning.

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